What is Mudjacking?
  • Mudjacking in many cases is the perfect alternative to replacing concrete surfaces that have sunk, become unlevel, or developed a void beneath them.
  • Virtually all underlying foundations of concrete surfaces will deteriorate at some point. This is what often creates those voids beneath concrete surfaces which again can cause them to sink, become unlevel, and/or unstable.
  • Filling this void by injecting our mixture of dirt and Portland under the concrete surface can return it to its original state prevent further damage and let you avoid costly replacement or injury from uneven concrete surfaces.
  • Using a combination of dirt and Portland Cement which Level Mudjacking believes will provide a longer lasting underground support for your concrete surface.
  • Voids under concrete slabs can occur for a variety of reasons such as soil erosion, poor soil preparation during construction, and soil movement to name a few. It is important to fill voids at the first signs of unlevel or sinking sections of concrete.
  • Filling voids (cavities) under porches and slabs before any signs of sinking is an important preventative measure it can also stop vermin and termites from taking up residents where they aren’t wanted.
  • Voids can also allow water to enter your basement and possibly crack foundation walls.
  • When large areas have crumbled or deteriorated, replacing the concrete slab may be a better option.
  • In some areas, mudjacking (particularly with only dirt fill) may be a temporary solution if there is an ongoing erosion problem due to improper drainage, the nature of dry or wet weather, soil movement, or the soil condition itself. There is usually less soil under the slabs to support it and cause it to stink.
Concrete Leveling vs. Replacement
The cost of leveling usually represents about one third (or less) the cost of replacement. The leveling process can be completed and the raised concrete ready for use in a matter of hours (we recommend 24 hours for driveways) and Municipal building permits are not required. Generally most slabs can be raised or leveled however, there are situations where replacing the slab may be a better option.
Mudjacking is eco-friendly and considerably less expensive than replacing an entire slab which contributes to millions of tons of concrete in our landfills and our slurry of dirt and Portland is non-toxic.
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